24-Hour Answering Service for Houston, TX

Your customers’ needs are important to you, but you can’t be at work 24/7 to answer their phone calls. Or maybe you travel frequently or have a busy family and are constantly on the go. Whatever the reason, you find yourself ignoring calls you wish you could respond to.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t despair. Security Services Northwest, Inc., offers a 24-hour answering service for U.S. residents from Portland, OR, to Houston, TX. Wherever you are throughout the U.S., we can help you manage your relentless influx of phone calls.

Our Services


Our 24/7 answering service for U.S. residents includes the following:

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Order taking/receiving

  • Message taking

  • Utility outage reporting

  • Overflow call handling

  • Alarm monitoring

  • Live call transfers

  • Toll-free number forwarding

  • Emergency response dispatch

  • 24-hour customer support


Our answering staff responds to all phone calls in a courteous, professional manner. Upon request, we can even answer your customers’ phone calls as your company, helping your business maintain its reputation for 24/7 customer service.


When you need help responding to the numerous phone calls you receive on a daily basis, rely on Security Services Northwest, Inc., to help you field your calls. Give us a call today at (800) 859-3463.

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