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Maritime Security Guards in Long Beach, CA


As the busiest container port in the US (second only to the Port of LA), the Port of Long Beach, CA offers many opportunities for commerce and recreation, but also security threats. Luckily, with the help of professionally trained maritime security guards, you’ll be able to ensure that your event or property stays secure.

At Security Services Northwest, Inc., we’ll meet all of your maritime security needs. As one of the most experienced maritime security companies on the West Coast, we can offer a variety of helpful services.

Reliable Security Options

Events and needs may vary, which is why we offer customizable security options to all of our customers. Below is a list of basic maritime security features we provide:

  • Armed and unarmed waterborne security

  • Dry-dock repairs

  • Shipyard and land security patrols

  • Boat patrols

  • Perimeter guards

  • Security cameras and other technology

As you can see, our team provides comprehensive coverage, both on land and on the water. You won’t have to worry when Security Services Northwest, Inc. is on the job.

Capable Security Team

When you contact us for maritime security guards in Long Beach, CA, we’ll provide well-trained and efficient professionals to ensure that your property is protected. We also have the necessary equipment for proper communication and real-time situation updates.

Whether you need event security or maritime patrols, contact us at (800) 859-3463 today.

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