Reliable Maritime Security Services in San Diego, CA

Whether you own a shipping company or have an upcoming event in a port or on a boat, you need maritime security. Security Services Northwest, Inc., provides maritime security services throughout the Pacific Northwest and reaching down to San Diego, CA.

Why Maritime Security?

We offer a range of maritime security services to meet the needs that you have, including:

  • Waterborne security patrol

  • Armed waterborne security

  • Shipyard security

  • Shipyard repairs security

  • Dry-dock repairs security

  • Security boat patrols

  • Armed boat patrols


Our complete maritime security package includes armed Counter Assault Team (CAT) members to protect your ships and docked materials.

With our CAT team, the hull and surrounding areas of the ship can be protected from potentially damaging attacks. We use a patrol boat, capable of reaching speeds of 40mph complete with PA sound equipment and warning lights to warn approaching vessels.

Our CAT team members come in full military gear — vest, helmet, special weapons, K-9 teams, organic communications, night vision, and thermal imaging technology — so that they can completely provide the security that you need.

All missions are negotiated with you to ensure that the level of security meets your standards, including specifics surrounding weapons and appropriate uses of force. Our CAT teams are able to respond in a variety of tactical environments to accomplish the mission at hand.

Why Us?

Since 1977, we have been a reliable, quality security company, meeting the security needs of individuals and companies throughout the northwest and California.

Our security teams are a nationally recognized supplement for Department of Defense anti-terrorism force protection, including our maritime security services.

We maintain this high standard with our 24-hour monitoring facility. With this facility, we receive calls and dispatch 24/7 for consistent and readily available communications with our security teams and our clients.

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