Oregon - Measure 91 & Alaska - Measure 2

With voters in Oregon approving Measure 91 (Oregon Legalized Marijuana Initiative) and Alaska approving Ballot Measure 2 (Alaska Marijuana Legalization), rules will be set forth regarding the security requirements for marijuana-related businesses.


Security Services Northwest is your source for providing security systems for your new business venture. We have been at the forefront of installing these systems for many of the marijuana businesses in Washington that have started with the implementation of I-502 and are familiar the many requirements they must meet to pass inspection.


We can provide:
  • Security alarm system

  • High resolution video surveillance

  • 24/7 recording system

  • Security guards


Security Services Northwest will keep on top of these two initiatives to know what security requirements are needed in Oregon and Alaska. We will make sure you meeting the requirements of these new laws while being protected from would-be perpetrators.


We also provide security badges!

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