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Event Security Services for San Diego, CA

Security is important for your family or employee’s safety and your event’s success. No matter what your security needs are, turn to Security Services Northwest, Inc. We are the premier security guard company for San Diego, CA, providing a number of services, including a security officer service.

Security Officers

We provide a security officer service for a number of circumstances and situations. Some of our services include:


Learn about our officers and how we recommend you choose a security company.


Alarms and Cameras


Keep your home or business safe with our services, including:


We also provide security for marijuana producers, processors, and retailers per I-502 in Washington, Measure 91 in Oregon, and Measure 2 in Alaska.


You can also check out our alarm system FAQ and learn how to test your alarm system.

Answering Service


Security Services Northwest, Inc., provides the best quality answering service for your business. Some of our services include:

Learn about the benefits of answering services for your business.

Shepherd Shield

We sponsor Shepherd Shield, an app that informs you of security issues in your area. Learn more about how to use this app to improve your security.

Whether you need cameras for your business, a security app for your family, or event security services for San Diego, CA, events, you can rely on us. Some of our previous clients are the US Army and US Navy, as well as the US Department of Homeland Security, so you can trust us to be diligent in protecting you. Call us today at (800) 859-3463.

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