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Security Guard Company in San Diego, CA


Do you desire increased security in San Diego, CA? Perhaps you want an armed security officer service for your upcoming event. Maybe you’d simply like to have some security monitoring equipment installed at your place of business. Whatever your need, the trusted security guard company Security Services Northwest, Inc. is happy to use our 40+ years of experience to help you stay safe.

A Variety of Services


Proper security is much more than simple a camera or an armed guard. We know what is needed to provide quality security, and we’re happy to provide it San Diego citizens for a fair price. Some of our services include:

  • Cameras and alarms

  • Yard and window signs

  • Armed and unarmed security officers

  • 24-hour answering service

  • Our Shepherd Shield mobile app


Customers come to Security Services Northwest, Inc. for security for their events, construction sites, shopping centers — we even offer maritime security. Don’t entrust your safety to just anyone; call us today.

Contact Information


Proper security is a must for any event or site that will see a fair amount of traffic. Luckily, getting started is as easy as calling Security Services Northwest, Inc. at (800) 859-3463. Ask us about our services, prices, and certifications.

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