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Anti-Terrorist Security in Seattle, WA


Do you run an organization or facility that needs maximum security? At Security Services Northwest, Inc., we provide anti-terrorist security services to locations in the Seattle, WA, area.



Armed Security Officers

If your facility has access to confidential information — like a government building, municipality, research lab, or data center — you cannot take security lightly. Armed security officers can provide a higher level of security while also presenting a no-nonsense front.


And at SSNW, we train our security officers to be able to respond quickly to sudden security needs, whether it’s an external or internal trespasser.


Secure ID Badges

A secure building must have secure entry points. At SSNW, we can create custom ID badges for you and your employees that will meet your unique needs as an organization that must protect itself against terrorist security threats. You can ensure that only staff members and guests with the right badges can gain access to your facility.  


Alarms and Cameras

An effective way to increase the security of your facility is through a fully innovated security system. At SSNW, we can help you choose, plan out, and install a security and monitoring system for your building that you can access both at work and at home.


We don’t stop at installation though. Our trained technicians can help you analyze your security needs as they change and develop so that you can stay on top of your anti-terrorist security.


And our staff at our corporate headquarters provides 24-hour monitoring so that we can take action the moment you have a security breach. If your facility is facing a terrorist threat, our security guards can be at mission readiness within less than 24 hours.


If you need anti-terrorist security services in Seattle, WA, contact us today at (800) 859-3463. We will help you secure your facility against strong, dangerous threats.

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