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Event Security in Seattle, WA


A lot of hard work and planning goes into hosting an event, especially a large event like a concert or conference. One important feature every event can benefit from is high-quality event security. At Security Services Northwest, Inc., we can provide safety and security for you and your guests.


Large and Small Events

At SSNW, our staff is specially trained to provide security for events of all shapes and sizes, from private parties to huge sporting events. We also have experience providing event security services for the following settings:


  • Conventions

  • Festivals

  • Outdoor events

  • Parades

  • School events

  • Weddings


No matter your event security needs, we can handle them in a professional, efficient, and orderly manner.


Custom Security Plans

No two events are the same — just like no two locations. At SSNW, we help you customize a security plan that is unique to your event and location. In our plans, we consider the location size, venue, staff size, guest size, and potential security threats. We can also help you plan how to manage access into the event as well as the private, staff-only areas.


And before every event starts, we make sure our security officers are fully briefed on all of the unique needs and details specific to your event.


Armed and Unarmed Guards

Not every event will need a licensed and equipped set of armed guards — like at a school festival or a private wedding — but other events do need the extra security. At SSNW, we can provide either armed or unarmed security officers so you and your guests feel the optimal level of comfort and security.


If you have an event coming up in Seattle, WA, that will benefit from our event security services, contact us at (800) 859-3463. We can help you create a security plan that will provide safety, security, and order.

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