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Accidental alarm trips

Nobody’s perfect. People can accidentally set off their alarm systems. Maybe you opened the front door to get the newspaper and forgot to disarm the system before stepping outside. Maybe your hands were full when you came home and you didn’t get to the alarm panel in time.

Whatever the case, if you accidentally trip your alarm, input your code to turn off the system. Remember, though, that if you fail to disarm the system quickly enough, it may send an alarm signal to our Central Station. (Even if you disarmed the system after an accidental trip, we may have still received the alarm.)

If you believe you may have accidentally set off your alarm, call your alarm monitoring company and inform them of the trip. While we go through a phone list that typically involves calling the premise, dispatching police/fire, and contacting keyholders, you can always contact us, too.

Be sure to remember your password or code because this is how we verify you! Many times, people change their passwords or user codes but fail to update our office. Then when we need to verify users, we are unable to because the information in our records does not match the information people are telling us. If we are unable to verify you, we will need to go through the call list and possibly dispatch police/fire.

Many police jurisdictions are starting to fine businesses and residences for too many false alarms, as it costs time and resources for responders handle these false alarms. This is another reason it’s important make sure an accidental trip doesn’t lead to an unnecessary dispatch of emergency personnel. Be sure to update your contact information with your alarm monitoring company and provide good contact numbers where we can easily reach you.

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