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Tips for Preventing Construction or Job Site Theft

Depending on the size and scope of the job, you could have anywhere from several thousands, to several millions, of equipment, tools and materials on your construction site. Preventing theft should be a top priority, and oftentimes performing background checks on your employees and installing a few extra lights won't be enough to keep your equipment safe.

Don't allow jobsite theft to slow down your construction schedule or impact your bottom line, and instead, here are a few ways to keep your construction site secure.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

A simple way to keep your construction site safe is to get to know the business owners, employees and other people who live and work around the site. Ask them about any recent thefts in the area, or if they have themselves been the victim of a burglary.

Inquire if there is a neighborhood watch program in the area and, if so, how you can participate. Offering to keep a watchful eye on your neighbor's sites or businesses, in return for them doing the same, is another great way to ensure your equipment and materials are safe.

Invest in Fencing and Locks

Installing fencing is a cost-effective way to keep your construction site secure. In addition to providing safety, the fencing can also help protect pedestrians and passing cars, prevent possible lawsuits from injured parties and help you stay in compliance with the law.

Several different types of construction fencing are available, and the product you choose is dependent upon a number of factors, including your needs and budget. Here are a few popular construction fencing choices:

  • Mesh. Mesh fencing is a great option that is available in lightweight and easy-to-move panels. The mesh is durable and very easy to set up, break down and store.

  • Chain link. Another common option, chain link is available in panels and large rolls that are attached to metal posts. For most sites, chain link panels are a better option because much like mesh they are easy to install, transport and store.

  • Barricades. Barricades are another option that can be utilized to protect the entrances and exits to and from your construction site. However, they should not be used to secure your entire site because they are too short and lightweight to provide enough protection.

When it comes to locks, consider investing in high-quality electronics locks. These locks utilize a keycard or code, and they are typically more secure and durable than traditional key or combination locks.

Secure Your Tools and Equipment

There are several ways you can secure all the tools and equipment on your construction site, both large and small. For example, for your large equipment, consider installing boots, electronic locks or devices that only allow the equipment to be operated within a certain area.

It can often be difficult to keep a watchful eye on your smaller equipment and tools, especially if you have several workers and sub-contractors on your construction site. One of the most effective ways to prevent theft is to enforce a strict sign-out policy. Each time a piece of equipment is taken from a central location, such as a shed, it must be signed out by the employee.

The employee is then responsible for signing the tool back in. At the end of the day, perform an inventory of all the small tools and equipment before making sure all the pieces are stored in a secure area.

Pay Attention to Your Delivery Schedule

A construction site can be a busy, hectic place, and if you are expecting several deliveries, it can be almost impossible to keep tabs on everyone. Keeping a strict delivery schedule can help prevent unauthorized entry on your site. Begin by only scheduling your deliveries during certain hours. This measure can help ensure a guard or employee is posted at the entrance while the deliveries are occurring.

Also, try to create a delivery timeline. For example, if you're constructing a restaurant, the framing, drywall and windows should be delivered before the stoves, refrigerators and other restaurant equipment.

Contact a Security Company

One of the most effective ways to keep your construction site safe is to leave the job to the professionals. Contact a security company to learn about your available options. For example, a security company can install cameras on the site and monitor your equipment and tools during the evening and weekends.

Posting a security guard at the entrances to the site is a great way to keep track of who enters and exits the premises. A guard is also a deterrent that will keep any would-be thieves from setting foot on your construction site.

Keeping your construction equipment, tools and materials safe should be a top priority. If you need any help determining the best options for your needs and budget, don't hesitate to contact the professionals at Security Services Northwest, Inc.

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