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Professional Security for Your Community Event

When you think of the need for event security, you may think of concerts and large venue events. The truth is, with the rise of terrorist issues and attacks being more localized and targeting small groups, the need for a professional event security option at smaller community events is vital. If you think that your basic local security guards, or security volunteers, will make the cut then you may want to reconsider. Here are some reasons why your community event needs professional security.

Managing Entrance and Exit Access

When you think of your venue entrance and exit points, you may think that they would be fairly easy to patrol. The truth is that managing these points, and securing the safety of your attendees and attractions, is a bit more complex than just visually checking someone as they buy a ticket or leave the area. Professional event security generally posts guards at the entrance and exit of the venue to look for suspicious activity that you may not recognize.

When they discover this activity, they can then legally perform a pat down search and use equipment, such as metal detector wands and drug dogs, to check the individual for items that could cause an issue. By posting them at the entrance and exit, you can help reduce the items and issues going into your venue, but you can also reduce what comes out being an issue as well.

Removal of Disruptive Attendees

If you are using volunteer guards, for example people from your church or organization that want to assist during the event, then you may be overlooking something vital. If you have a disruption that is violent, and the person needs to be removed, you may run into legal issues if a citizen does it. This can lead to a lawsuit and other related issues.

By having a professional event security team there, you can ensure that the removal of the disruptive individual meets legal requirements. You are also covered by the security company to ensure that there are no lawsuits against you or your venue event. In many cases, you may actually need to have a professional security company providing this kind of service to meet laws in your area.

Parking Area Patrols

Parking area patrol usually brings to mind several guards walking through, perhaps with a K9 unit, and checking parked cars. They generally shine a light around the cars and look for activity that should not be occurring at your venue, such as drug deals or other suspicious activity. What you may not know is that professional security are now expanding their parking patrol techniques.

In addition to doing the traditional parking lot patrol, they are now using high tech equipment and temporary security towers. The high tech equipment is usually an "eye-in-the-sky" camera system that monitors the entire area from a vantage security on the ground may not have.

Venue Set-Up and Take Down Security

Professional event security is usually considered for the venue event itself. What you may not be considering is the set-up and take down times of the event. These are the times when many security issues can occur. For example, without security present, these times would be the ideal moments to smuggle in drugs, set up a small bomb, or create other security issues for you and your attendees. By having a professional event security team there during these times, you can avoid or at least reduce these issues.

These are only a few of the reasons that you should consider professional event security for your community event. If you aren't sure that professional options are ideal for your next event, consider a contacting Security Services Northwest, Inc to discuss your event and what they can do for you.

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