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5 Reasons to Hire Security Officers for Your Business

A Federal Bureau of Investigation preliminary crime statistics report indicates that while violent crime decreased in the U.S in the first half of 2017, murder rates went up. The Bureau of Justice Statistics, however, released a report in 2015 indicating that only about half of victims of violent crimes report it to the police.

These numbers, together with an increase in complex crimes such as terrorism, point to the need for business owners to take cautionary measures and invest in the safety of their staff, customers, and investments. Here are five reasons working with a private security firm is a worthwhile idea.

Prevent Crime

A study conducted by the Department of Homeland Security in 2011 indicated that cameras help deter crime. Security officers prevent crime the same way as cameras, and perhaps better.

People are less likely to commit a crime when they know someone is watching them. Professional criminals also prefer targets with the least amount of obstacles to get a job done.

Having professional security officers in your business lets people know that someone is watching and ready to handle them should they engage in criminal activity within sight, consequently discouraging internal and criminal attempts.

Provide a Sense of Security

Proper security in your business premises provides a sense of safety for yourself, your employees, and clients. Your employees will focus more on work in a safe and secure setting where they do not have to worry about personal and corporate security.

Your clients will trust your facility more if it offers a safe and secure environment. They will also appreciate that their safety is a priority for you.

Reinforcing your security is particularly critical if you deal with expensive ware, you are located in a high-crime area, or your neighborhood just suffered a severe criminal attack that can leave employees and clients scared.

Ensure Preparedness

Modern threats such as serial shooting and terrorism are hard to deal with using conventional security measures. Working with a security firm that trains their staff on current defense strategies ensures you are ready for any eventualities.

Also, your security officers will be of great benefit when crimes occur as you wait for the police. This is particularly helpful in areas where the police wait time is long.

If you are working with a security firm where the majority of their staff are former police and military personnel, they will know how to diffuse a situation professionally or prepare the groundwork before state authorities arrive.

Boost Surveillance

A competent security firm will do more than send you security officers. They will have the technical know-how to monitor your premises and the surroundings using non-human deterrents such as dogs and cameras.

They will also play a key role in training your staff on how to identify security risks, how to respond to threatening situations and minimize workplace violence. Security officers are also trained to spot threats before they materialize such as identifying suspicious visitors and activity around the building.

Minimize Business Liability

While any business can be a victim of crime, some industries such as retail outlets, convenience stores, and leisure spots may require more physical protection. If your company is losing stock, office items or general business ware, hiring security officers is an appropriate corrective measure.

If you serve alcohol in your business premises, you can incur expensive business liability if fights break out and result in injuries or property damage. You also need security guards if your building has traffic concerns.

Whether it is your home, business or event, the security firm you work with will determine your experience and return on investment. Check that a security firm is licensed by relevant state authorities and has insurance before signing a contract with them. Ask about their experience, capacity, and training for their personnel.

Contact Security Services Northwest, Inc. for an initial consultation, expert advice and professional advice in Seattle, WA, and its surroundings.

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