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When You Should Have Security Present At Your Hotel

You own a hotel and your foremost concern is your business's reputation. The protection of your guests — and their possessions — is your primary goal. You have security cameras adorning your lobby and hallways to alert your staff of wrongdoing, but adding live hotel security is a benefit your hotel needs.

When should you have security present at your hotel? This guide will help you plan your security needs accordingly.

During Peak Check-in/Checkout Times

There are two reasons to have security during check-in and checkout.

Crowd Management

Security can assist guests in the check-in and checkout process, managing lines and showing people where to retrieve their receipts for their stay. The added security makes the confusion of high traffic easier for your staff and guests to handle without stress.

Baggage Assistance

Hiring security to help guests take their luggage to and from their rooms helps your guests feel safe and cared for. Furthermore, knowing you have security to ensure belongings are safe during the few moments guests are at the desk to retrieve room keys or receive a receipt for their stay helps manage hotel theft.

During the Evenings

Guest vehicles are carefully watched by security cameras posted around your hotel's parking lot. Add to the safety of your guests' — and employees' — vehicles by hiring a security patrol to drive around the premises periodically throughout the night to watch for vehicle vandalism and theft.

During Special Events

Your hotel is a prime location for hosting a variety of events, such as business meetings, family reunions, weddings, and community fundraisers. Hiring security for special events is one way to ensure that large crowds are protected and carefully managed.

Security can man the main entry doors, guiding guests to your conference rooms or banquet halls. Security will be instructed to watch for guests who arrive inebriated or who have weapons on their person (such as a pocket knife or handgun), and will also make sure that only invited guests are allowed into the venue.

Security will also keep a keen eye on each event-goer, especially if alcohol is being served on the premises. Security will escort guests out from the building when the event is over and ensure that all guests have fully left the parking area safely when the event is over.

During Shift Changes

Shift change is a hectic time at the front desk. Employees are busy counting their tills so they can leave their post. Often during shift change, guest information and a considerable amount of cash are exposed at the desk while one employee takes over and the other prepares to leave.

Hire security to monitor shift changes, both to protect your employees against theft from guests or other opportunists and to protect your hotel against thievery from your employees themselves. When management is not on hand to watch your staff during shift changes and till counting, your hotel can be left exposed to employee theft.

Even a trustworthy employee can be susceptible to a mistake, and don't feel like your hotel isn't a potential victim of an in-house crime: employee theft costs American businesses $50 billion a year.

There are many reasons to hire live security for your hotel's needs, even if you don't need security on site at all hours of your hotel's operation. Work out a security schedule with your security company, which you can change as needed.

Having security on site helps you manage a more successful, safer hotel. Security can be outfitted in traditional security garb or be dressed in plain, professional clothing; speak to your security company about whether you want armed or unarmed security at your hotel as well. For all your security needs, call our professional staff at Security Services Northwest, Inc.

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