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A Guide to Security Cameras for a School

Schools interested in security measures for their students have many options. One of these options is a security camera system in the various hallways and rooms of a school. This simple guide will help schools understand a few benefits of choosing security cameras for their needs, as well as which security features to look for and where to place security cameras in your school.

How Security Cameras Benefit Schools

Many studies found that cameras served as a deterrent for violent or criminal activities in a facility, such as a school. Cameras could track these activities and provide evidence for civil or criminal lawsuits against individuals who break the law while at a school event, such as a basketball game.

A security camera system located throughout a school may also prevent vandalism and intrusion during nighttime hours. For example, a visible camera located outside of a school alerts possible intruders that people are watching the intruders’ actions. This easy visibility could drive the criminal away to another building or stop their actions entirely.

Just as importantly, security cameras in schools can monitor the corridors of a school and the classes to provide round-the-clock surveillance on fights, disturbances, and other issues with students. For a troubled school, this type of security can help administrators better understand where these problems originate and the methods of dealing with both the administration’s and students’ concerns.

Which Features to Look For in Camera Systems

Schools that want security camera systems should consider the following features:

  • Wired or wireless: Wired cameras maintain a firm connection to power and video outlet, but wireless cameras are easier to move.

  • Installation options: Cameras may have brackets or a glue-backed support.

  • Camouflage choices: Schools must decide if they want their cameras to be easy to see — for deterrent purposes — or hidden.

  • Night vision: Cameras with infrared vision provide a comprehensive view of nighttime activities outside of a school.

  • High-definition picture: An HD camera provides more detailed images, which makes identifying perpetrators easier.

Other important features and amenities to consider include security monitoring by a professional company. This option provides schools with the ability to react immediately to a criminal or illegal situation as it happens.

How to Place Cameras Effectively

A good security system in a school should place cameras in areas where the most disturbances begin. The following locations provide a comprehensive view of a school's activities and ensure that officials get the best possible understanding of their school's problems:

  • Near all doors: Cameras near doors provide schools with a look at who comes and goes from their facility at all times.

  • In all classrooms: Monitor the activity of students and teachers in all classrooms to better understand how disturbances start.

  • Throughout hallways: Every hallway should have at least one or two cameras to provide a comprehensive view of possible problems.

  • On the gym walls: A high-quality security camera system can easily track troubles in gym class or during sporting events.

  • Spread on exterior walls: Place multiple cameras along the walls of a school to monitor outdoor activities, including possible crimes students commit.

The installation height for security cameras is essential to consider. Simply put, higher installation locations typically produce better results. In this way, outdoor cameras should be at least nine feet high to provide an ample view.

The same height rule applies to indoor environments, though placement should be reasonable for a location. For example, a camera in a high-ceiling gym should be high enough to capture all activity but low enough to make identification easier.

How Security Companies Help With This Process

If you’re a school that wants great security cameras, call or visit us at Security Services North west, Inc., to learn more about your options. Our professionals will visit your school, look at the unique challenges present at your facility, and will help you pick the best cameras and positioning options for your building's safety needs.

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