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Protecting Self-Storage Centers With High-Definition Security Cameras

Storage centers provide a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs to make money but can be a problem if thieves strike a facility. When this happens, storage centers can lose business or may end up suffering from lawsuits. As a result, storage facility owners need to install high-definition cameras through their facility to improve its safety immeasurably.

Learn why storage centers need security cameras and how to place these cameras to ensure best results.

Storage Centers Are an Attractive Theft Spot

Thieves often pinpoint storage centers for thefts simply because these areas don't have a lot of staff on hand. Most storage centers include only a handful of individuals during the day to handle renting, and many storage centers are self-controlled, meaning that renters store their own goods and take them out when they want.

Unfortunately, many individuals who use storage centers place delicate items in their units, such as personal tax paperwork. Thieves can then use this information to steal a person's identity and use it against them. Thankfully, storage center owners can provide their clients with many security options to keep their goods and their identity safe.

High-Definition Security Cameras Protect Clients’ Property

Cameras placed in visible but hard-to-reach areas provide a deterrent for potential thieve in storage centers. This is because thieves who see cameras in a storage facility will know that their actions are being tracked and will be more likely to move on to a different target or storage facility instead.

For security purposes, use high-definition, or HD, cameras. These cameras produce the most precise possible image. For example, 1080P cameras produce 2 million pixels per frame while standard definition cameras produce just 400,000 pixels.

These extra pixels produce a clearer picture that will make identifying the individual in the movie easier, improving security effectiveness. As a result, thieves are easier to track and catch, providing storage owners with the chance to regain their clients’ lost goods.

Storage Center Owners Need to Place Cameras Effectively

Storage center owners interested in HD cameras must buy multiple units and set them up carefully throughout their facility. Proper placement will ensure that any intruder or possible thief is caught as quickly as possible. Just a few locations to consider for HD cameras include:

  • At every entrance and exit– Place HD cameras near entrances and exits to capture people sneaking in either with their car or on foot. Likewise, place cameras along the perimeter to catch people hopping the security fence around the facility.

  • Near every unit– An HD camera should be placed to capture the front of every unit in a storage center. This placement choice doesn't mean storage center owners need to put one for every unit but to position each camera so that multiple units are spotted.

  • Behind the units– Several cameras positioned along the back of the units will catch anybody trying to sneak through the facility. In this way, the security team can track the individual’s movement and figure out where this person went and why.

Make sure that all security cameras are well-maintained and correctly hooked up to digital recording medium. Some storage center owners may want recording devices to track on their own or may prefer professional security tracking. Whatever choice they make, proper maintenance ensures that the lines don't fray or get cut by smart thieves.

Get Professional Help Right Away

If you run a storage facility and want to ensure that your clients don't get robbed, contact us at Security Services Northwest, Inc., to get help. We can help you choose the best high-definition cameras for your needs and install them in a way that will protect your facility from severe theft problems.

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