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Maritime Security Services

Maritime security is a crucial component of safety and security in both private businesses and government institutions. Security personnel who work in the industry have experience in the military, the Department of Homeland Security, and other security-related organizations. If you are curious about the maritime security services available, these are some of the options you can look forward to.

Dry-Dock Security

Dry docks are small basins companies use for construction, maintenance, and repair of different types of watercraft. The dry platform allows for dry work. Unfortunately, the dry dock can also make watercraft susceptible to vandalism, theft, and other criminal activity.

Keep in mind that the risks to dry docks are not only caused by people. Security guards can alert personnel to other safety concerns, including sinking or damage somebody has inflicted to the dock itself, saving lives and equipment. With maritime security, even construction companies can ensure that water does not impact the security of the site, vehicles, equipment, and workers.

Shipyard Security

Ships parked for repairs or storage are also at risk for vandalism, theft, and other destruction. Shipyard security guards know how to spot threats before they get close enough to equipment and people to cause damage.

Waterborne threats to shipyards are often overlooked. Security gaps put millions of dollars in equipment at risk, not to mention the human lives involved. Even the United States Navy has reported security lapses in the past, making the need for maritime security paramount.

Waterborne Security

Waterborne security guards are trained to operate on many bodies of water, including the sea, bay, and lake. No matter your need for waterborne security guards, you can feel safe knowing that your equipment or staff members are safe. Tactical and decision-making skills help each security guard understand the best way to operate on the water while also on the lookout for potential threats.

For example, if you have a corporate outing or party on a boat in the bay, you’ll want to focus on enjoying the event, not being concerned with security. When you hire security guards, you can rest assured knowing a team of professionals is watching over your event. Guards are available for a one-night event or for a long-term contract based on your needs.

Security Boat Patrols

Patrols are critical if you want to stop criminals in their tracks. Security boat patrols not only spot criminals in the act, but they also create a strong presence that deters would-be criminals from choosing to commit a crime. For example, a security boat patrol looks for unauthorized ships that attempt to enter a secured port in which a criminal act could be economically devastating. Security boat patrols contain armed or unarmed guards who can interact with the maritime community and ensure that your property is safe.

You can hire guards to patrol the areas surrounding government buildings, government or military installations, hospitals, schools, corporate buildings, and anywhere else you might have at least one side of a building near the water. After all, guards are not confined only to the water; they can also watch windows, doors, and buildings to ensure no unauthorized individuals obtain access to the interior of your structure.

Fortunately, you have access to a maritime security company you can count on to manage your next event or to protect your equipment. Security Services Northwest, Inc. is your first choice for professional security services when you own a dock or otherwise operate a business related to maritime services. Our armed and unarmed security officers ensure that your property and personnel are safe. Call us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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