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Tips for Improving Security in Your Construction Site

Construction sites are among the locations that attract most thieves because of the presence of valuable equipment, tools, and construction materials. Some criminals even break into construction sites to steal supplies or even drain fuel from equipment to resell it.

For this reason, most contractors are always worried about the security of their sites because theft can stall the project. Fortunately, you can employ different tactics to secure your project site. Here are tips to enhance security in your construction site.

Hire Security Officers

Security officers in a construction site can play a significant role in protecting equipment and supplies. Therefore, you need to deploy enough security officers to watch every corner 24/7 since construction sites can have a lot of blind spots.

For maximum security, hire officers from a reputable company with trained and experienced personnel. The company will conduct a security risk assessment first to help you identify vulnerabilities and provide reliable solutions.

Schedule Deliveries Appropriately

The amount of losses that can go unnoticed in a construction site is huge. This is due to the bulk materials that usually lie around the site without being accounted for. Therefore, you should schedule your deliveries appropriately.

For example, two vendors should not bring supplies on the same day because this could lead to confusion and create a favorable situation for thieves. Have an interval between deliveries to store existing supplies in secured locations.

Introduce Sign-In and Out Record

You need to keep track of everyone on your site through a sign in and out procedure. This can be a book where everyone records personal details and the time they enter or leave your construction site.

At the end of the shift, anyone who has not signed out should be questioned. This tip can also help you identify the workers who were still on the premises in the event of a theft.

Keep the Site Lit

Lighting your site helps deter criminals as they know that they can easily be noticed. Even if they try to break in, the chances are high that the security officers will easily spot them when your site has sufficient lighting.

Install Alarms

Alarms in a construction site are an effective way of alerting security officers of unauthorized entry. You can install either aloud or silent alarm. A loud alarm always goes off and produces loud noises that alert security officers and scares the intruders before they can even cause any damage.

On the other hand, silent alarms usually go off, but they don't produce loud sounds on site. Instead, the sound is heard at a set location, such as the security officers' booth, to help catch the intruders in action.

Install Surveillance Systems

Security cameras offer one of the best ways to monitor every corner of your construction site. Put enough cameras in strategic positions to capture the images of the thieves. Security professionals can quickly identify strategic locations and install the cameras correctly.

Also, hire trained security personnel to monitor the footage 24/7 and respond accordingly on time in the event of suspicious activities.

Secure the Perimeter

You need to fence your site to prevent access to outsiders. The fence should be about 2 yards or high and should not leave out any gaps underneath, especially in uneven grounds. Also, install gates where necessary and deploy security officers to guard it 24/7. For extra security, put access control systems on the gates to regulate entry to the site.

You can also put warning signs on the fence and gates to deter intruders away. The signs should have messages, such as no trespassing or out of bounds, and so on.

Lock Valuables in Shipping Containers

After every shift, your employees should put all valuables in lockable shipping containers. Since heavy equipment and machinery can't be stored in the container, they should be parked away from the fence. However, you may construct secure storage for heavy equipment to prevent damage.

Construction sites usually have valuable equipment and tools that need protection. Our company offers quality security services for different settings, including construction sites. Contact us today for quality services.

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