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4 Reasons to Hire Security Officers for Your Wedding

At first glance, hiring security officers for a wedding may seem unnecessary, but if you have a large wedding celebration, proper security can make a big difference on the flow of your wedding day. Security officers will fade into the background as you enjoy your wedding celebration.

When you hire a security company, the plans and full use are up to you. Learn how to use a security officer for your wedding day and avoid a lot of problems that could occur if security was not present.

1. Parking Lot Security

With all eyes on the wedding ceremony, one of the more vulnerable areas at a wedding is the parking lot. Opportunity is the single most factor that contributes to crime. Security officers can provide multiple options for parking lot security. At the start of the event, a security officer can monitor the lot and guests arriving. A security officer may stand at the entrance gate and greet vehicles as they enter.

During the event, an officer may use a patrol vehicle to loop around the parking lot and ensure they see no suspicious activity. After the wedding ends, an officer can help control and direct traffic so you have no major backups or issues when guests try to leave.

2. Entry Monitors

Unwanted guests at a wedding can create distractions and ruin the experience for a bride and groom. When a security officer stands guard at an entrance, they can monitor the guests who arrive. If a ceremony already started, an officer can prevent a late person from disrupting the ceremony.

Security services could also check names and hand out table assignments based on the names. If someone is not on the list, then security can escort them away from the premises so the wedding party is not even aware of the situation.

In some cases, you may have someone specific you do not want to show up to the wedding. Provide a security officer with their information and photos. A security officer will be on the lookout for the person and prevent them from entering the premises.

3. Rowdy Guests

Wedding receptions are often a giant party filled with drinking, dancing, and socializing. In some cases, the alcohol consumption may get a little out of control. If guests become too disruptive or rowdy, a security officer will step in. The person might be asked to leave and driven by someone sober. If no ride is available, then a ride share service can transport the person. The addition of security officers may even reduce liability.

The presence of a security officer could help control the actions of guests. Guests may drink less or showcase better behavior when around the presence of authority. If you have a large wedding reception, then you may have even more control with multiple security officers. Extra officers can monitor the room and cover different areas to monitor guests.

4. Gift Table Monitors

Large weddings will often include a gift table where guests drop off presents and cards. Just a single table could have hundreds of dollars worth of valuables. To ensure nothing is stolen or tampered with, a security officer can monitor the area. The officer can stand at the table, sit behind the table, or monitor the whole nearby area.

Once all the presents have arrived, an officer can help secure them in a safe location. For example, you may request the presents go to a specific vehicle or room for safe-keeping. With the extra service, you do not need to stress or worry about presents going missing during the ceremony and reception. Everything will remain organized, and you can account for all the gifts you receive.

For more information on our event security services, contact us at Security Services Northwest, Inc. We will help plan and coordinate your wedding-day needs and ensure no problems arise for your big day.


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