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5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs ID Badges

a small business ID badge

Should your small business implement an ID badge card system? Many small companies and organizations feel that a badge system would be overkill for their size or budget. But in fact, ID badges can be a simple solution to a variety of small business challenges. Here are five of these solutions.

1. Badges Increase Security

Certainly, the most important reason to use employee identification badges is to enhance security. You ensure that only authorized persons are allowed in particular areas, both by the physical reminder provided by public badges and the access control measures that allow (or deny) entry.

And this security extends beyond your own employees, whom you may know well. You can also issue visitor badges to allow or control access to the property by vendors, salespeople, business partners, and clients.

2. Badges Make Customers Feel Better

Customers love to see badged employees. The use of badges makes your company seem more professional and perhaps even larger than your organization really is. That helps build confidence from customers when using your services or visiting your retail location.

And because employees' access or other check-in and check-out procedures can be tracked through badges, they're more motivated to give their best. Customers know this and appreciate the added accountability projected by a badge system.

3. Badges Build Camaraderie

Employees get some benefits from ID badges too. It becomes something akin to a uniform without restricting staff to any particular look. They can still be their own individuals but also share something in common. And when new or less-known people are on the site, a badge is an easy way to help everyone remember one another's names or position. Therefore, it can help bring people together.

In some ways, a badge can also help recognize employees' work. Their name and job title are often listed, emphasizing their valued role within the business. As employees receive promotions or change positions, their badges advertise these steps that they've worked hard to achieve. You can even add fun touches like a badge to recognize employees of the month or those who are on a special project.

4. Badges Are Easily Updated

Small businesses often have difficulty changing their security measures as they grow or their needs change. Badge systems offer easy-to-use access control that can be altered at any time. You can control access not only to the company site as a whole but also to different zones, to individual offices, and to off-site locations without having to manually let people in or hand out keys all the time.

Badges are easily updated as often as you need. Use them, for instance, to create a team to work on a prototype project. Special badges identify who's working on the project, allow them access during appropriate times, and even track payroll information.

5. Badges Publicize Your Company

Finally, don't forget the marketing potential in employee badges. Customers see your company logo all the time, embedding it into their memory. And because employees tend to wear badges before and after work, you may get some free publicity as they go about their business. It's less expensive than logo uniforms and a lot easier to maintain.

Could ID badges help your company no matter how large or small it might be? From providing easily tailored security to marketing your business to customers, badges are an inexpensive addition to your overall company plan.

Learn more about them by meeting with the security pros at Security Services Northwest, Inc., today. We've aided Pacific Northwest businesses in improving their safety and appearance for more than 40 years. We can help you too.


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