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8 Security Risks That Are Often Overlooked

You've likely taken every measure you can think of to secure your home or business, but you may have overlooked certain security risks that could make your building more vulnerable to break-ins. You can always hire security officers to help protect your premises, but you should also address these security risks that are often missed to keep your property as safe as possible.

1. Weak Doors

Even a door with a lock might not be strong enough to withstand a criminal who kicks in the door to enter a building. Solid doors and door frames that use longer screws with reinforced strike plates are more difficult for criminals to break through by force. For glass doors, steel grills can provide excellent reinforcement.

2. Poor Outdoor Lighting

Criminals often see homes and businesses with poor lighting as opportunities for break-ins. Insufficient lighting around doors and other entranceways can help intruders disguise themselves better in the dark. Keep your premises better protected by having enough outdoor lights with working light bulbs and motion detectors installed.

3. Unsecured Sliding Doors

Break-ins often occur through sliding doors that aren't locked or have weak locks on them. The original lock that comes with a sliding door may not be enough to stop intruders from entering, and keyed locks for sliding doors can be purchased and installed to prevent break-ins. Bars for sliding doors may also prevent your doors from being lifted off their tracks to gain entry.

4. Outdated Security System

Even though your burglar alarm, surveillance cameras, and other security equipment may seem to be working fine, your security system could be out of date. Old security systems can be easier to crack by tech-savvy criminals. In addition to providing security officers, Security Services Northwest, Inc., can install a new alarm and camera system to replace your outdated security system.

5. Repair and Maintenance Neglect

The repair and maintenance work that's needed to make entrance points for your building securer shouldn't be delayed. Damaged or outdated doors and windows can be more accessible by criminals. If structural materials around the frames of these entrances are damaged, criminals will likely have an easier time forcing their ways into your building.

6. Unverified Home Improvement Contractors

The people who you hire to repair or upgrade certain things around your business should have authentic credentials and verifiable references to make sure they're legitimate. If you hire less-reputable contractors just to try to save money, you could be, while meaning to secure your home or business, letting criminals in who will jeopardize your safety and the wellbeing of all other occupants.

7. Deliveries While You're Away

This can be especially problematic for homeowners who are away from their homes for prolonged periods and forget to stop their deliveries until they return. If you remember to stop your deliveries temporarily, criminals won't see packages piling up outside your front door and won't know as easily that no one is home.

8. Unlocked Upstairs Windows

Intruders who are determined to enter a building may try to enter through upstairs windows that don't have locks on them. Criminals can try entering these windows by climbing trees, playground equipment or other tall objects that are situated next to your building. All windows should have locks that aren't easy to crack to keep your building as secure as possible.

Even if you think that your home or business is completely secure, you should double-check your premises to look for any security risks that you haven't noticed. If you want to enjoy the safety and mental soundness that maximum security services can provide, contact Security Services Northwest, Inc., to discuss your security needs with an expert.


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