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Four Telephone Answering Service Myths

About 75 percent of all customers who are greeted by an automated answering system when they call a business simply hang up and never leave a voicemail. Another concerning statistic is that approximately 85 percent of the customers who hear automated voices when they call businesses never bother calling the original business back and instead call competitive businesses.

For this reason, all business owners should make the switch from voicemail or other automated business answering systems to business answering services. Business answering services are staffed with real humans who answer phone calls for business owners when they are away from the office or just too busy to answer the phone.

However, if you are like many business owners, you may have heard myths about these answering services that have prevented you from seeking their assistance.

Read on to learn four myths about business telephone answering services and the facts behind these common misconceptions.

1. Answering Services Only Field Incoming Calls After Business Hours

When you enlist the help of an answering service, their employees can field your business phone calls any time of the day or night, including when your business is open.

For example, you can have your phone calls forwarded to an answering service not only after hours, but also when your staff is too busy to answer the phones during normal business hours. Alternatively, you can have all of your incoming business phone calls forwarded to an answering service, so your employees never have to stop what they are working on, and you do not have to hire a receptionist.

In fact, many business owners who are struggling financially find that the cost of an answering service is much more affordable than a receptionist's salary.

2. Answering Service Employees Only Take Messages

While all answering services field phone calls, many have employees that perform a wide array of additional tasks for business owners when requested. For example, answering service employees can also answer questions about the businesses they service with a simple FAQ list for the business.

Some answering services also schedule appointments for the businesses they service.

3. Obtaining Messages From an Answering Service Is Time Consuming

Another perk to this service is that business owners can choose how they would like to obtain their messages from answering service associates.

Most answering services have their call center employees transcribe messages as they receive them. These printed messages can then be sent to business owners or other designated employees via email or text, when desired, so your employees can skip lengthy phone calls with the call center staff.

4. All Answering Services Charge by the Minute

While some answering services do charge by the minute, others bill business owners a steady, predictable monthly fee to field all of their business phone calls and provide any additional services requested.

Some business owners who plan to use the answering service only after-hours or during occasional emergencies find paying by the minute the most affordable option for them. In contrast, others who have the call center answer all phone calls and provide additional services find predictable monthly rates more affordable. A telephone answering service professional can run through your needs and budget to help you determine which option is best for your business.

If you are a business owner or manager who would like to increase customer satisfaction without making a large business investment, then consider making the switch from voicemail to a business telephone answering service. Contact the answering service experts at Security Services Northwest to enlist the help of our professional answering service associates today.


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