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Types of Security Officers and Their Responsibilities

Security in your event, home, business, or industrial property is crucial for your peace of mind and comfort. While many people today use security technologies, like alarm systems and CCTV cameras, the use of security officers is also beneficial.

A professional security guard will not only help deter crime in your place or event but also offer you excellent customer service. For instance, they can help reputable visitors unfamiliar with your neighborhood quickly find your apartment.

Before you hire a security officer, you need to know the categories they fall in and their responsibilities. While many people only think of armed and unarmed security officers, there are other types of officers you can choose from.

Read on to learn more about the subject.

Event Officers

Events like ball games and concerts need adequate security officers to help prevent unsafe practices and improper behavior from crowds. Security officers for such events also control event venue access and vehicle and pedestrian movements. Lastly, event officers call emergency services, like the police and ambulances, whenever an accident happens.

Business Officers

Business officers are the option to consider if you need security for your office, corporate, or retail building. One of the responsibilities of business officers is to ensure proper patrol or visual presence inside your office or store. Also, the officers should confirm that you have locked doors at all entrances and exits during the night.

Video Surveillance Operators

Every private security company should equip its staff with video surveillance skills before it deploys them to clients' sites. Since a video surveillance operator won't be at your building's entrance, they can work with other officers to provide proper security. Video surveillance operators mainly monitor and review footage captured by CCTV cameras.

Industrial and Construction Officers

Consider industrial and construction officers if you have a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or an ongoing construction site that needs security. Some roles of these security officers are to protect your valuable materials and equipment and watch over your site premises. Also, an industrial or construction officer will help prevent unwanted site access.

Patrol Officers

Also known as mobile officers, patrol officers help protect many locations simultaneously or large areas, like community colleges and airports. Also, these officers ensure proper parking and on-site road rules enforcement. Patrol officers use marked cars with mounted spotlights to conveniently monitor wide areas.

Patrol officers may always survey the same area, or you may ask that they don't use the same routes every time to make them unpredictable.

Bodyguards/Personal Officers

A security agency will only assign you a bodyguard if you need personal protection. A bodyguard must know how to protect you in all situations or scenarios. That's why they have high training, which makes their prices higher than other security officers. Mostly, personal officers protect VIPs like celebrities and politicians.

Government Contract Officers

The major responsibility of government officers is to ensure that government facilities, like police stations, nuclear sites, and courthouses, are secure and protected. Local, federal, and state governments hire these officers and treat them as government workers.

Residential Officers

Residential security officers are the best option if you reside in a crime-prone neighborhood or have an expensive house you want to protect. Residential officers are common in gated communities and apartment complexes. A residential officer should prevent unauthorized vehicle access to your home and respond to your security emergencies.

Before you hire any of the discussed security officers, you must know whether your officers need to carry firearms. For instance, mobile officers and bodyguards usually have firearms, while industry and venue officers don't typically need them.

Whether you need an armed or unarmed security officer for your own protection or your property's protection, Security Services Northwest, Inc., guarantees you the most professional officers. Contact us today to get started.


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