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Alarm System FAQ

Be comfortable with your alarm system. Make sure that people who have access to your house have a user code and password and are familiar with the operation of the system.


Whenever you add or delete users, or make changes to your emergency contacts, be sure to update us at Security Services. We need to input this information into our Central Station so we can verify users in the event of an accidental alarm trip.

To send us your information, download the Customer Update Form and email it to us at You may also call us at 800-859-3463, and we can mail you the form.

alarm panel open
If my phone line is disconnected, will you be notified? Will my system work?

Because your alarm system transmits signals to our Central Station via a telephone line, if your phone line is disconnected, the alarm system will work, but we will not receive any signals. Alarms can be monitored via a DSL connection or Wireless connection that will still provide a signal to our Central Station in the event that the phone line has been disabled. This service is in addition to Basic Alarm Monitoring fees and requires additional equipment.


If I don’t have a landline phone line at my house, can I still have an alarm system?

Yes, we can provide alarm systems that transmit signals to our Central Station via DSL connection and Wireless connection.


Will you know if my alarm system stops working?

Alarm systems need to be tested on a regular basis to ensure there is communication between the alarm panel and our Central Station. We recommend that you test your system at least monthly. Call us and let us know you wish to test your system. We will verify you with your password and then have you manually send us an alarm. Alternatively, your system can be programmed to automatically send a test signal to our Central Station confirming the connection. If you would like to add this service to your account, call us at 800-859-3463.


Do you install security camera systems?

Yes we do! Give us a call at 800-859-3463 for a free quote.


What happens if I accidentally trip my alarm?

If you accidentally trip your alarm, input your code to turn off the system. Call us at 800-859-3463 and let us know you accidentally set off the alarm. Be ready to identify yourself and have your user code or password readily available; that is how we will verify you and cancel any police/fire/medical response.


Can you turn off my alarm from your Central Station?

No. We monitor your alarm system, but our Central Station cannot remotely turn off alarms. You need to disarm the system with your user code yourself. If your system is not taking your code, try pressing the "#" (pound) button and then input your code again.


Can you program a new user code into my system?

No. We monitor your alarm system, but our Central Station cannot remotely input or change codes. Give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through the steps of programming or changing a code. If you still have difficulties, you can contact us to schedule a service call.


I changed my user code, but when I called you it wasn’t updated in your system.

When you add, delete or change a user code, it does not automatically get updated at our Central Station. You need to contact us so that we can input the changes into our Central Station so that in case of an accidental trip, we can verify uses. We require that updates to users and emergency contacts be in writing. Contact us at 800-859-3463 and we will send you a customer update form. You may also download the form and email it to or fax it to 360-797-8482.


Can you tell me when my alarm was armed and disarmed and by whom?

Our system does track users and what time they entered their code. However, this requires a service call for a tech to access the information. Alternatively, if you sign up to receive open/close reports, we will send you a monthly report that shows the name of each person who entered their code and at what time.

Exception: If you have a 5500 keypad (full display keypad, pictured at top), you can view the last 500 events that occurred on your system. View your Instruction Manual for details.


I’m going out of town and want you to contact someone else in case of an alarm.

Give us a call at 800-859-3463 and we will add a temporary note to your account noting that you will be out of town. Let us know if anyone should be on the premises (such as a housesitter) and any temporary changes to the contact list while you are gone. Also let us know when you will be back in town.


Will my dog or cat set off the motion sensor?

Motion sensors have sensitivity settings that can be adjusted to account for pet movement. However, pets walking up or down stairs or climbing furniture near motion sensors may set off alarms, depending on your pet’s size. Sensors should be set at a height and location that limits these situations from occurring.


I keep getting false alarms! What’s wrong with the system?

Make sure that all doors and windows are closed and secure before arming your system. Pets and bugs can accidentally set off motion sensors. Make sure sensors are located in areas where pets won’t trigger them. Also regularly check alarm sensors – including fire alarm sensors – to ensure they are clean of dirt and debris. Sensors can wear out over time, which can cause a false trip. If you believe this is the case, contact us at 800-859-3463 so we can schedule a service call and have an alarm technician examine your alarm and replace any faulty sensors. If a sensor is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced, you can bypass that particular zone so that it will not set off the alarm when armed. Note that fire alarms cannot be bypassed. Bypassed zones are automatically canceled each time the system is disarmed and must be reapplied before the next arming.


My alarm keeps beeping!

Check if the trouble light (yellow triangle) is illuminated on the screen. Refer to your Instruction Manual to go through the steps of viewing trouble conditions to find the problem. The most common problem is a low battery. You may replace the battery yourself, or you may call us to have an alarm technician drop off a new battery and/or schedule a service call to install it as well.


Why can’t I arm my system?

If your system is not in the “Ready to Arm” state (the green light is not illuminated), you will not be able to arm your system. The most common problem is that a door or window is not completely closed. If you wish to leave a window open, you may need to bypass the zone in order to arm the system.


If I lose power, will my system still operate?

Yes. The back-up battery will provide power to your system for several hours. After approximately 12 hours, if power has still not been restored, you may receive a low-battery signal. When you lose power and/or receive a low-battery signal, we will be notified at Central Station.


What if my system still isn’t working?

Call us at 800-859-3463 so we can have an alarm technician schedule service call and help you out.

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