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Service Services in Portland, OR

Portland, OR is a unique area that’s home to countless marine activities and an adjoining airport. Thousands of tourists flock to this quirky and beautiful area, but when it comes to your maritime operations, you want to ensure that you won’t be subject to crowds and unauthorized visitors.

Security Services Northwest, Inc. offers services typical of maritime security companies near Portland, OR, but we also have services that aren’t readily available to the public. Whether you’re dealing with an unauthorized watercraft or just some nosy tourists, it’s important to have the necessary security.

All Types of Customers

Whether you’re hosting an event, shipment, or other enterprise, Security Services Northwest, Inc. will help you with a complete team of trained maritime security guards. Our employees create a capable and efficient security team.

Industrial, residential, and commercial clients all benefit from our experienced team. No matter your reasons for obtaining security, you always know that your property is protected.

Protection Onshore and Off

Everything from video monitoring to radio communications helps us stay aware and alert of everything going on in the area.

Whether you want stringent security with armed guards, or just people to keep an eye on things, choose Security Services Northwest, Inc. Call us at (800) 859-3463 today.

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