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Why Should You Use an Answering Service?

Business owners will say that customer service and lasting relationships are key to a successful business. So how do you stand apart from the rest of the competition? By continuing to make sure your customers feel valued and important.


That’s where a telephone answering service can help. Not only is it efficient and cost effective for businesses large and small, it gives your customers better service – which then reflects positively on your business.

man on two phones
Benefits of an Answering Service
The joy of a live person answering the phone.

Many companies use automated systems to route their calls. But the moment customers hear that recorded voice on the other line, their patience lessens and their mood worsens. And who hasn’t had to wrangle their way through one of those systems, only to find that your call got routed to the wrong person and you have to start the process all over again? People enjoy being able to quickly speak to a real person. With an answering service, your customers will get their calls answered.


Free you to focus on your business.

Instead of getting bogged down answering phones and routing through telemarketers and other unwanted calls, let an answering service handle that task. An answering service can weed though those calls so you can spend more time focusing on your business and getting your work done. If you’re out on a job site and don’t want to be disturbed but don’t want to miss customers either, an answering service can take messages so you can focus on the task at hand.

Providing after-hours and emergency service.

You can’t be expected to be available at your office phone 24/7. But do you want to be available to your customers for emergencies? An answering service allows you to provide 24 hour support to your customers. Call takers can relay emergency messages while taking routine messages for the calls that can wait until the next business day. That way during emergencies, your customers know that you are a business they can rely on.


Increase your level of availability.

Impress your customers with your level of availability. This is especially great for small businesses who may not have the resources to provide lots of staff to answer calls or be available on weekends and holidays. Your customers will be impressed that they aren't sent to voice mail.


Cost effective.

An answering service can help screen calls, schedule appointments, take and process orders and more – and all for a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee and having to pay wages and benefits. The average cost for a receptionist, including payroll taxes, is $108 per day, while having an answering service can be just $98.50 per month.


Help a busy office.

Do you have times during the day when the phone is ringing off the hook? It may only last for a half hour, but those unanswered calls could mean lost business. Did your receptionist call in sick and now you’re short-staffed? An answering service can pick up those overflow calls, take messages or forward them as needed so your customers still receive quality service.


Great for any kind of business.

All kinds of businesses can benefit from using an answering service. Businesses who provide after-hours emergency service – such as doctor’s offices, vets, two truck companies and plumbers – are often the ones frequently associated with using answering services. However, anyone who needs a little help with their call volume can find benefit. They can be especially helpful when you have staff on vacation or out sick – and is still more cost effective than hiring a temporary or part-time employee to help out. Examples of businesses include plumbers, doctors, electricians, funeral homes, tow truck companies, veterinarians, propane and oil companies, lawyers, property managers, real estate agents, small businesses, utility companies, cities and counties, contractors and more.


Relax from your busy life.

Answering services aren’t just for businesses. Even in our personal lives we can get overwhelmed with calls. Busy professionals and frequent travelers can also benefit from an answering service, allowing you a little privacy.

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