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Maritime Security

Nationwide Anti-Terrorist Security and Force Protection


Security Services Northwest offers maritime coverage as part of our formidable security capabilities. We have been providing waterborne security since 1990 to private businesses and government entities.


Our customers include Military Sealift Command, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, General Dynamics, Westport Shipyard, Vigor Shipyard, Honolulu Academy of Arts, Department of Homeland Security, and Shell Oil. We were selected out of eight possible security companies to provide on-site security to the USS Missouri battleship when it was at the Bremerton Navy Shipyard.


Armed Counter Assault Team (CAT) members are positioned in the vessel protection zone on a patrol boat capable of confronting unauthorized watercraft approaching the vessel. We use SAFE Boats as our primary craft. It can reach speeds of more than 40 mph and is equipped with PA sound equipment and warning lights to ward off unauthorized watercraft from the area.


This capability allows CAT to monitor and protect any ship's hull and surrounding area from the type of waterborne attacks that devastated the USS Cole or severely damaged a French flagged oil tanker in Yemen.


Maritime Security Services
  • Dry-dock repairs security

  • Shipyard repairs security

  • Shipyard security

  • Waterborne security

  • Security boat patrols

  • Waterborne security patrol​

  • Armed boat patrols

  • Armed waterborne security


One of our CAT team members in Seattle, WA, providing anti terrorist security services

What Our Customers Say

“Your security team was exceptional during our inbound/outbound transit and our port visit. Your team provided diligent and professional assistance during our entire stay. Your efforts resulted in a safe and enjoyable time had by all crewmembers."

-  J. Pinckney, Commanding Officer

USS Halsey

One of our CAT team members in Seattle, WA, providing anti terrorist security services


The Counter Assault Team (CAT) is Security Services Northwest's high security innovation. The CAT is composed of team members in military gear (e.g., vest, helmet, special weapons, K-9 teams, organic communications, night vision, and the latest in thermal imaging technology). CAT is not merely armed guards stationed to act as a “trip wire”; CAT team members are able to function in a variety of tactical environments, and are skilled in threat analysis and counter assault strategies to ensure security of the protected site. CAT is capable of meeting and defeating a credible threat against any protected area.


The number of CAT members and weapons employed are task-organized to meet mission requirements. CAT is a private sector source to supplement security of government agencies and private corporations. Missions are planned out with the client to provide a specific level of security with the appropriate weapons and numbers to meet the agreed-upon mission requirements. A high Force Protection Condition (FP Con) is met with a correspondingly strong response from CAT to harden targets and make certain any potential enemy is deterred from attacking.


Should counter assault be necessary, CAT is ready to defend and win. Mission parameters are mutually agreed upon, (i.e., the appropriate application of weapons and sufficient team members) by the company president, CAT team leaders, and the customer to ensure mission success. The customer has the final say in matters regarding the mission aboard and around the vessel. Heightened security concerns, credible threats, or actionable intelligence are treated with high importance, initiating in-depth threat analysis to ensure successful execution of the mission.

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