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Professional Security Guards

Security Services Northwest is a nationally-recognized supplement for protection, providing the highest quality security to be found.


Our licensed, highly trained staff is recruited directly from law enforcement, private security, and the military. Officers are carefully selected, ensuring they are both vigilant and diligent in carrying out their assigned duties, and are vetted through background and extensive references checks.

All officers are trained in the Use of Force Continuum to employ only as much force that is reasonable and necessary with respect to the situation. They are also trained in de-escalation tactics and techniques to minimize physical confrontations, unless necessary to protect someone or to stop dangerous behavior.

Our security officers will:

  • Analyze threat potential

  • Protect the lives of client's employees

  • Protect client's assets from damage or destruction

  • Organize and implement appropriate defensive responses

  • Be prepared with less than 24 hours notice

  • Be armed or unarmed, based on our customer's needs and requests.


With our officers on site, you can feel safe and confident that they can handle whatever task they face.

Armed security guards in Seattle, WA
Graph of security guard experience
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