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Get Safety Alerts on Your Phone with Shepherd Shield

Instantly Receive Alerts

Your cell phone does a lot for you. It lets you communicate with others, take pictures, navigate, play games, and get immediate answers to an infinite number of questions. But what if your phone could also keep you safe by instantly apprising you of home, work, and school security concerns? With Shepherd Shield, it can!

What is Shepherd Shield?

Security Services Northwest, Inc., is proud to sponsor Shepherd Shield, a mobile app that keeps you aware of security threats anywhere in the nation. The app uses your phone’s GPS combined with information from the police, news reports, and emergency services to alert you when you’re approaching a potentially dangerous zone.

But that’s not all the app does. With Shepherd Shield, you can get instant reports of threats at your home, kids’ school, church, office, and other locations. All you have to do is set your “Top 5 Safety Spots,” and the app will warn you of criminal activity, weather emergencies, school security alerts, and other threats.

How Do I Use It?

Shepherd Shield is easy to use and very customizable. You can tailor the app to show you security data by category, in a list or on a map. You can also choose which categories you want the app to focus on, such as shooter alerts, registered sex offenders in the area, or areas with high criminal activity.

Who Can Get the App?

This app is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

Want to Learn More?

If you want to know more about how Shepherd Shield can provide safety top your family, work, school safety, etc., contact us here at Security Services Northwest. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the app, as well as talk to you about the other security services we offer.

As a full-service security company, we are prepared to protect you and your property with security guards, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems. Call us today at (800) 859-3463.

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When seconds count, rely on Shepherd Shield!

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