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Maritime Security guards in Pascagoula, MS


Pascagoula, MS is a major shipbuilding and industrial center on the Gulf Coast. With commercial and military ships moving in and out of the port, both government agencies and commercial enterprises need security to ensure their operations run smoothly.

With the help of the maritime security guards of Security Services Northwest, Inc., your organization can ensure all security issues have professional care.  

Our Security Services

Proper security requires the right equipment and personnel. We staff all of our security teams with experienced professionals and provide them with advanced equipment. We use SafeBoats, crafts capable of 40 mph speeds with warning lights and announcer systems. With our combination of experts and advanced security gear, we can help protect:

  • Shipyards

  • Drydocks

  • Harbor entrances

  • Vessels of any size

Visit our maritime security page to view the specifics on these services and see how they can apply to your organization.

Our Promise

At Security Services Northwest, we’ve met the security needs for shipbuilding companies, oil corporations, and the Department of Defense since 1990. When your business or government entity looks for maritime security companies in Pascagoula, MS, trust our capability to provide protection for both large and small operations.

Call (800) 859-3463 today to explore our services with one of our representatives. 

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