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Maritime Security Guards Available for the Washington, DC Area

The waterways around the Potomac require a unique level of security. Our nation’s capital attracts both normal and severe security threats, creating a complex environment that demands the attention of the most experienced maritime security guards. As a result, businesses and government agencies need an expert and well-equipped security firm like Security Services Northwest to provide safety.

Our Experience

Security Services Northwest specializes in maritime commercial security and anti-terrorism force protection. In the last 20 years, we’ve worked with a variety of government, military, and business organizations, including the Department of Defense, Shell Oil, and the Department of Homeland Security. Our background gives us unique insights in security that we can provide in any situation.   

Our Services

Because our clients come from many backgrounds and require different forms of protection, we offer a wide-variety of maritime security services. Our tried-and-true resources - including unarmed patrols to Armed Counter Assault Teams (CATs) - allows us to offer both subtle deterrence and rapid-response depending on the needs of the situation.

At Security Services Northwest, we’ve built a company based on constant security innovation. As one of the most trusted and nationally-recognized maritime security companies, we carefully ensure the safety of our clients.  When your organization needs security that can handle the environment of Washington D.C, call (800) 859-3463 to learn more about our security options today.

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