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Security Service Services for Bellingham, WA

Event hosting comes with many responsibilities and necessary tasks. At times, it’s difficult to maintain the security at your event with so many other things to focus on.


If you’re worried that something might slip through the cracks at your next event, contact Security Services Northwest, Inc. We’ll ensure that everything goes safely and smoothly by providing the customized event security you need.


Trust Our Trained Security Patrolmen


Whether your event requires minimal security or something more advanced, our pool of trained patrolmen provide the protection you need. We offer professional and comprehensive event security and provide alarm and camera systems for any location. Since 1977, we’ve honed our skills and knowledge to offer an reliable level of safety to all of our customers.


When you need to present a valuable product, throw a concert for local artists, or host a high-profile party in Bellingham, WA, Security Services Northwest, Inc. knows how to keep your event safe.


Find Expert Security Teams in the Bellingham, WA Area


Security Services Northwest, Inc has experience serving many different types of customers with high to medium-level security. Contact us for more information regarding event security at (800) 859-3463 or fill out our online form today. 


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