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Coronavirus Security in Seattle, WA

Security Services Northwest has been at the forefront of providing security at coronavirus testing sites. We will keep you safe!


Washington has been hit with an outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19), and our government and leaders are doing their best to protect everyone. Part of this process is testing those who have symptoms to see if they have the virus or not. With fear rising as the virus spreads, these sites can be rowdy and uncontrolled.

If you operate a testing site in Seattle, WA, or the surrounding areas, trust Security Services Northwest, Inc., to keep your site safe and secure.

What We Do

Security Services Northwest, Inc. has been serving the United States since 1977, so we have decades of experience keeping the peace and providing both residential and commercial locations with skilled security guards. Whether your testing site needs armed or unarmed security guards, camera systems, or patrol services, we can help.

Our guards are highly trained and ready to deter theft, damage, suspicious activity, and rioting. We’ll provide a safe, peaceful environment for everyone to be tested. We want to do our part to help fight this virus.

If you need coronavirus security for your testing site, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 859-3463. We’ll discuss which security measures are best for your situation and site.

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