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Security Guard Services for San Francisco, CA

A security guard is valuable for many reasons. If you need security guard services in San Francisco, CA, then turn to Security Services, Inc. We can provide everything from construction to event security.

How Can We Help You?

We are able to provide security for many venues, events, and occasions. Turn to us if you need help with:

  • Site security: Based on your property’s purpose, you might need a security guard to keep it safe. We protect government buildings, offices, medical facilities, and neighborhoods.

  • Event security: Events can be memorable, but only if you have the right protection. Whether you plan to host a concert, sporting event, festival, or convention, we’re here for you.

  • Construction site security: Construction sites, especially after hours, can be a target for would-be criminals. Our security guards can protect your investment.

  • Maritime security: Do you manage, own, or handle boats? Keep these assets safe with us. We guard against unauthorized watercraft.

  • COVID-19 security: Do you need security assistance at a COVID-19 testing site? Let us help so that you have safe and orderly premises.

  • Warehouse Security


Whatever your security needs are, turn to us. We offer both unarmed and armed security services. Please call us at 800-859-3463 24/7 to speak to our armed security contractors.

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