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School Security Services in Seattle, WA


Schools are not always the safe, secure environment they once were. Violence, drugs, and bullying often pervade the halls. With Security Services Northwest, Inc., schools can protect their staff and students through increased school security.

Site Patrol and Security

Security in schools can be difficult to maintain because a threat can easily come from inside or outside the building. Lots of students and staff can increase problems. However, the security officers at SSNW are professionally trained to find and contain security threats quickly.

Our security officers can also maintain secure entry points at the school so all students and staff can rest assured that they are safe from unwelcome trespassers.

We will work with you to create a custom plan for security. Do you only want officers at certain times, places, or events? We can fulfill your security needs the way you want.

Advanced Monitoring System

School safety involves a lot of elements, including technological assistance. With a monitoring system from SSNW, you can easily boost the security of the school from threats. Alarms and cameras deter those who want to vandalize the school to those who have more ominous plans.

You can even receive security alerts on your phone so you can monitor the security of the students, staff, and school at all times. And our staff will also carefully monitor your system notifications. As soon as a security threat has occurred, we will give you a call and contact the proper authorities.

Custom Assignment Lengths

Each school is different, from the size and location to the local community concerns. Maybe your school only needs security assistance during large events. But some schools need security officers every day, year round. We can provide you with single event security or regular, indefinite security.

If your school in Seattle, WA, needs stronger security, call us at (800) 859-3463. We can help you create a safer, more secure school.

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