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Security Guards in Seattle, WA

Armed security guards can be the difference between a safe, successful event and a disastrous tragedy. At Security Services Northwest, Inc., we provide experienced armed and unarmed security guards so you can ensure your event, business, or home is safe and secure.

Armed and Unarmed Security

Our security guards at SSNW are trained to handle situations both armed and unarmed. So whether you want a fully equipped team to monitor a government building with confidential information or you just need a handful of guards to assist with a grand opening, we can help. Our security guards can provide coverage for the following needs and locations:

  • Construction sites

  • Corporate offices

  • Festivals and special events

  • Installations

  • Medical facilities

  • Personal security

  • Property and neighborhood patrol

We also offer security detail for many different residential, commercial, and industrial events, locations, and situations.

Technological Security

Even with a fully equipped team, your event or building may still have areas that need more security. At SSNW, we can provide your home, business, or event with security measures that will boost your safety and security to the level that you need. At SSNW, we can install burglar alarms, camera systems, and yard and window signs.

We also offer 24-hour answering services so you can get in touch with our staff at any time, whether you just have a concern or you need some security guards at the last minute.

Short- and Long-Term Assignments

Our security guards at SSNW are available for both short-term and long-term assignments. We have a lot of experience providing security detail for single events that span one day to over a weekend. Our security guards also effectively provide coverage for our clients for weeks, months, years, or an indefinite amount of time. We can work with whatever duration you need.

Don’t leave your safety and security up to chance. Call us at (800) 859-3463 today to learn how we add security to your Seattle, WA, location.

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