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Planning a festival?

Summertime means long days, sunny weather, summer vacation – and weekends full of family-friendly festivals. They feature special events, craft vendors, food vendors, artisans and more as they celebrate heritage, food, outdoor activities, farms, flowers, community – you name it.

If you’ve taken the reins of planning a festival this year, you’re probably already busy figuring out all the logistics of making sure the event runs smoothly. But in the evening, how do you make sure that everything stays safe? What about those vendors who leave their wares and setups behind for the evening? What about displays that are left in the open, possibly becoming the target of vandalism?

Having a security guard patrol the grounds in the evening can help deter acts of vandalism and theft. Their presence can prevent would-be-troublemakers and they can observe and report suspicious activities and take appropriate actions. Vandalism and theft at night can put a damper on an otherwise fun and enjoyable festival – so don’t let that spoil your event.

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