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Keep Your Watercraft Close: 3 Ways to Guard Against Boat Theft

Whether you rely on your boat to fuel your fishing business or your company owns a catamaran to entertain clients, you should know that you aren't likely to get your watercraft back if boat thieves slip away with your boat.

Research has shown that only about one in ten boats are recovered after being stolen, and the ones that are recovered are usually severely damaged. Fortunately, you can prevent losing your boat by knowing how to ward off thieves. Here are three easy ways to guard against boat theft.

1. Don't Be an Easy Target

You might have thought about clever boat names and worked hard to choose graphics that complement your style, but unfortunately, standing out in the marina doesn't always work in your favor. Since thieves tend to keep their eyes open for big payoffs and easy opportunities to steal, doing what you can to blend in can actually help you to prevent boat theft.

Bright graphics, shiny new props, and even for-sale signs can perk the interest of boat thieves, so take a few minutes to evaluate how your watercraft looks next to the other boats in the harbor. Consider going through and paring down decorations and onboard amenities to make your boat less likely to be a target for thieves.

Criminals are always on the hunt for easy opportunities to steal, so don't make their job easier by making your boat look more attractive.

Since thieves commonly steal boats to sell parts, resist the urge to upgrade your boat with a powerful new engine or a state-of-the-art electronics system. Instead, only upgrade things when they fail, and consider choosing mid-line products to make your boat less tempting.

If you do sell your boat, consider private listings instead of simply putting a for-sale sign on your boat. If you want to sell your boat, don't make this obvious. Otherwise, would-be criminals might figure you won't work as hard to hunt it down and get it back.

2. Upgrade Your Boat's Locks

Don't assume your boat is safe just because you stash it on a trailer in the shipyard. Because thieves steal about 50% of boats when they are still on the trailer, doing what you can to upgrade your boat's locks can be incredibly helpful in preventing theft.

In addition to installing a sturdy trailer tongue lock to make driving away with your boat in tow difficult for thieves, also consider getting a lock for the outboard engine and the propeller. You should also think about using chains around your trailer wheels to make this obvious that your boat will be difficult to steal.

3. Hire a Maritime Security Firm

Being smart about boat security can help, but unfortunately, smart, motivated thieves can always find a way to get close to your valued property. Fortunately, maritime security businesses can help with everything from dry dock repairs security to overnight waterborne security patrols.

While theft prevention is important, maritime security personnel actively work to identify and diffuse threats, helping you to protect your boat. By using tools like night vision goggles, K-9 units, and tactical gear, they can spot issues and resolve problems quickly and efficiently, preventing losses and reducing liabilities.

Whether you need around-the-clock protection for your nautical fleet or you broker a one-time transfer of goods near a seashore, maritime security teams can make protecting your merchandise, equipment, and employees easy.

When you need maritime security that you can count on, give our team of experts a call. Here at Security Services Northwest, Inc., we have offered maritime security since 1990 and pride ourselves on providing clients with customized counter theft solutions. To learn more about how we can help, give us a call today.

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