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5 Situations Where Your Business Might Need Extra Security

Whether you are in charge of a business big or small, you likely care a great deal about your company's security and have taken steps to ensure that your employees and customers feel safe when on company premises. But with that said, there are a number of situations that occur within the business world where it might be a good idea to add additional security. Here are five situations where you might want to hire a private security team for assistance.

1. Grand Opening

Are you opening a new retail store or other customer-facing business? If so, a grand opening sale can help bring in customers, but it could also create headaches for your existing employees. Customers can sometimes get unruly with each other while fighting over limited inventory. If you get more customers than expected, that's great for your business, but it could lead to a frenzied atmosphere and stressed-out employees.

Bring in a temporary team of security guards to help direct customers throughout the store. These guards can also help your employees keep an eye on things so your employees can provide customer service. A hectic grand opening can be a prime target for a team of thieves because they know that the employees might not be able to watch every customer closely. A security guard can help give you an extra set of eyes on the floor and help protect your bottom line.

2. Downsizing Day

Is your company firing or laying off some employees in the near future? If so, be prepared for an emotional outburst and have additional security available. Hopefully it won't come to that, but people can understandably lose it a bit when they find out they are no longer employed. Extra security will promote a calm atmosphere.

3. Holiday Party

If your company is especially large and is planning a company-wide holiday party, you may end up with dozens or even hundreds of people inside the same ballroom or a similar venue when the big night arrives. Security guards can ensure that everyone entering the building is actually an employee and help you keep party crashers out. If one of your employees has too much to drink, security can help remove an employee who is ruining everyone else's fun.

We unfortunately also live in an era where a disgruntled employee can show up and cause trouble at events like this. A security guard can keep an eye on everyone's behavior and can either spring into action or contact the authorities for you at the first sign of violence or other trouble.

4. Product Announcement

Is your company holding a press conference to announce a major new product? If you expect a large number of journalists or passionate customers to show up for the show, you can hire security guards to help keep everyone organized and in the correct seat.If the press conference includes hands-on time with the new product after the initial presentation, a team of security guards can keep an eye on the product and make sure no one walks out with something in their pocket while your employees are busy conducting demonstrations.

5. Shareholder Meeting

If your company is on a public stock exchange, you are required to have a shareholder meeting from time to time. This kind of event can attract hundreds or thousands of shareholders, many of whom may have questions for your company executives. Security guards will maintain control of the crowd and help escort your VIP employees from one site to another during the conference.

While your business might already have someone in charge of building security, certain events may require additional help. Contact Security Services Northwest, Inc. to keep your company events as safe as possible.

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