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Training Requirements That Keep Armed Security Guards (and You) Safe

The world can be a scary place, and you may want to protect yourself and your business with security officers. However, you may not be sure if you want to use non-armed or armed officers because you may be worried that the latter type are dangerous. Thankfully, armed security officers go through multiple types of training to ensure that they are as safe for you and your business as possible.

Personality Tests Avoid Complications

Before a security officer is allowed to do any training towards becoming armed, they need to go through a personality test. These tests will gauge their likelihood of being unreliable or unsafe in their suspect control methods or their day-to-day duties as an officer.

Beyond these tests, background checks help to see if the officer has any violent criminal history or issues with past work situations. Depending on the severity of any officer's past issues, they may be disqualified from armed training.

Physical Force Training Prevents Issues

Though armed officers have weapons that they can use to detain suspects, physical force is another essential part of their job. Training programs for these methods help to teach the officer various forms of self-defense and how to detain a potential criminal in a way that minimizes the physical danger for everyone involved. Officers must work to reduce bodily injury to themselves and the criminal.

Other important aspects of these training programs include safe ways to approach a suspect without provoking them to attack. Certain physical stances seem more aggressive than others, and officers are trained to avoid these when possible. Just as importantly, they learn how to gauge if a suspect is armed and how to react in this situation.

Firearm Training Protects Everyone

Armed officers aren't simply handed a gun or a baton and sent to your business. Before your officer is allowed to brandish a weapon, they go through multiple training courses. Each course teaches officers how to operate their guns, including necessary maintenance procedures. After finishing the training, the officer will receive a license that lets them use a weapon on your site but not outside of your facility.

Training like this also ensures that your officers know when to use their weapons. Just as with police officers, security officers are trained only to use their firearms if there is no other choice. Typically, they will try to de-escalate the situation first, and resort to less risky forms of control if that fails. These include the use of Mace – for which they also receive training – and batons before they ever fire a gun.

First Aid Courses Provide Medical Help

Lastly, armed security officers must go through multiple courses in first aid. Some states require only CPR training, but others may ask for more detailed courses that cover wound management and more. Once the officer finishes these training courses, they are certified to provide this help for a set period – typically a year or two. To keep their job, they must periodically retrain.

This training provides a few benefits. First of all, the officer can provide CPR to a customer and help prevent any catastrophe on your property. And they can give first aid to criminals whom they may have to potentially shoot or injure on your site. This care ensures that there will be no fatalities on your property.

Security Training Provides Comprehensive Help

As you can see, armed security officers undergo myriads of training courses that ensure that they operate safely in your facility. So if you're interested in hiring any for your security needs, please contact us at Security Services Northwest, Inc. to learn more. Our experts will set you up with a security team who can provide you with the protection that your business deserves.

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