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Benefits of Hiring Security for Large Wedding Events

A wedding is supposed to be a romantic and magical day in a couple's life, but in many cases, a couple should take some precautions, especially if they host a large wedding. Security guards have a number of roles they can play on a wedding day to help increase the safety of a wedding.

The use of security services will help reduce any stress or worry that comes when you plan your big event. To help prevent any problems or disasters, learn about the benefits of hiring security for a large wedding.

Wedding Crasher Prevention

Large weddings include a ton of coordination, planning, and investment into various aspects of the wedding. The last thing you want is to have someone crash your wedding and take advantage of the elements you provided for your wedding guests.

A security guard will help prevent wedding crashers a number of different ways. For example, a security guard may have a check-in list at the door or the venue. Anyone who enters would either provide their name or show the wedding invitation.

To keep things more casual, you may just have the security guard on patrol. The guard would not only act as a deterrent for any possible wedding crashers but could help escort the person out of the wedding venue if they are not allowed at the event.

A security guard may also keep an eye out for any type of suspicious behavior from wedding guests who seem like they don't belong.

Wedding Gift Protection

When guests arrive to a wedding or wedding reception, they often drop a gift off at a designated location. For large weddings, there could potentially be hundreds of dollars’ worth of items at this table. A card box could be filled with cash, checks, and gift cards.

To help prevent any theft of items on the wedding table, you have the option to post a security guard at the gift table. A security guard will monitor the area and prevent any suspicious activity around the gifts. Once the reception has gone full swing, the gifts may be packed up and secured somewhere safe until the reception ends.

Rowdy Guest Control

At many weddings, alcohol is a popular theme with various drink options, open bars, and different ways people like to let loose and have a good time on the dance floor. However, things may get a little out of control. In these cases, you do not want a rowdy guest to cause problems for your wedding or create an embarrassing situation.

When a person has had a little too much to drink, a security guard is an ideal person to help handle the situation. As a bride or groom, you do not want to have to worry about taking care of your guests or ruining the festivities.

A security guard will guide a person off the premises, and if they do not have a designated driver, then the guard may help call a ride share service to transportation the person back home or to another location such as the hotel they are staying at.

Parking Lot Security

A large wedding will not only include a whole lot of guests but will have a ton of cars which need to park as well. Security guards may be hired for parking patrol. The guards will help guide guests to specific parking areas, help find open spots, and keep the flow of traffic moving across the venue.

Once the reception has started, a security guard may patrol the area to ensure the cars are safe and protected from any potential criminal activities. Knowing someone is patrolling the parking lot, guests may feel at ease inside the wedding and get a chance to fully enjoy the festivities.

For more information on our security services, contact us at Security Services Northwest, Inc. We can help set up all the protection and security you need for your wedding ceremony and reception.

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