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Expecting a VIP Guest? How to Make Your Hotel Secure

Do you have a VIP guest arriving at your hotel or inn? While you want to provide the best you can in terms of hospitality, you also need to help ensure their safety. Failure to create a secure facility for someone who faces special dangers is not only a risk to your reputation but also to your business.

So, what can you do to foster a secure environment? Here are four valuable steps to take.

1. Add to Your Security Staff

If the VIP has their own security team, be proactive about reaching out to them and communicating openly and frankly. If they do not have a set team in place, you should provide your own. In addition, a hotel does well to augment the guest's existing security with its own professionals who will work for the hotel's interests as well as the guest's. Look for experienced security guards and be open to following their guidance.

2. Limit Information

In the modern, internet-savvy era, it gets harder and harder to maintain secrecy around high-profile guests. One of the best ways you can keep this secret is to carefully consider who you share it with.

Avoid the temptation to get so excited about your special guest that you spread the news — even accidentally. Instead, evaluate all your staff and their roles to create a plan that provides an enjoyable stay (with the amenities) while limiting the number of people involved. You may be able to use something as simple as a false name and have trustworthy staff perform multiple duties.

3. Understand the Threats

Some threats to a famous or wealthy person are generic and can be easily identified. If a famous person's fans get word of their arrival, they may be inundated with crowds. A person who has a high net worth may be at risk of having their assets stolen or even being personally threatened. Famous parents want to protect their children.

Other security concerns are likely more subtle and unique to the individual. A famous person who wants to experience the local culture may be keen to avoid being identified or treated differently. In this case, your hotel may be able to facilitate this desire by providing a more genuine local experience within the secure confines of your property. Or you might be able to help book a tour using local contacts that you trust.

4. Create a Written Plan

Whoever will provide security for the VIP's stay will likely want to know what your plan is for handling the logistics. So get started on that plan now.

Think about how your hotel will prepare the public spaces as well as private rooms. What is the safest means of entering and exiting? What security measures are already in place? Who exactly will provide room service and cleaning? Do you need to run any additional checks on these individuals? What about outside vendors? And how will you maintain secrecy in your record keeping?

Talk over the logistical plan with qualified security personnel — including the VIP's team — before finalizing it. An experienced security guard will have ideas that you would not think of. They should assess your property and all security measures in place already. They may also have suggestions on how to boost automated and personalized security at your hotel.

Need more help setting up a plan for your imminent guest? Start by consulting with the security professionals at Security Services Northwest, Inc. Our team will help you prepare and execute the best strategy to provide a great stay for any VIP and protect the reputation of your business.

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