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Security Options for Gated Communities

One of the many reasons people move to a gated community is for security. The walls and gates around the residential area reduce the number of people and vehicles that can get to your property and home. However, before you buy a home, you need to check what other security is offered. Walls and gates may not be enough. Learn about a few other options available for gated residential communities.

Gate Guards

While an electronic gate is easy to use, it is not as secure as having guards manning them. The guards can make sure that the only vehicles and people who enter the area either live there, are visiting, or have been requested to come for business purposes. Any repair or delivery people will need your approval before getting permission to enter.

Any time a non-resident comes to the gate, the guard calls the appropriate resident or management to make sure they are invited. If you do not answer the phone or deny entry to the visitor, the guard will not open the gate and will point them to the exit. However, if you plan to be gone but need to have a repair technician come in, you may leave the name at the gate so they can enter.

Patrolling Guards

No matter how high the walls are around your community, some people will find a way to go over it. One way to deter or catch intruders is with patrolling guards. The security service will work with the community to decide how many patrols are necessary and devise a changing patrol route so no one will be able to predict where the guards will be at any time in order to avoid them.

Patrolling guards may walk around the community or drive around in marked vehicles. You should have both types. All guards should have communication devices to call for help if needed. Marked cars are best as they let the intruders know they are there. This can make them think twice before trying to get into a home or other building.

Armed Guards

Guards may be armed with batons, tasers, stun guns, or handguns. The residents should discuss what type of weapons they are comfortable having in the community. You can have different guards carrying different weapons. If a rash of violent crimes has happened in the area, having a few guards with handguns might be the best option.

The guards should be well-trained and have been through evaluations to make sure they are not trigger-happy. All residents should also be trained on how to interact with a guard if they are ever stopped. As long as everyone understands the guard's job, remains calm, and answers any questions from the guard, people have no reason to fear having armed guards on the premises.

Special Event Guards

When the community decides to have a special event open to the public, you should have extra guards in place. These guards will watch over the event and keep people from causing any trouble there. They will also be on guard for people leaving the event but not leaving the community. Sometimes, guards provide transportation from the gate to the event and back.

If you want to move to a gated community, but they do not have security guards, contact Security Services Northwest, Inc. We can provide you with the information to present to the community residents about what we offer. We can even meet with residents and the managing board to explain the benefits of having guards for the entire area. We look forward to speaking with and helping you.

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