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Benefits of Installing CCTV Cameras in Your Business

CCTV cameras are used in many public areas and businesses such as stores, parks, and waterfronts because they are a great way to reduce crime and catch criminals. When people know they are being watched, their likelihood of committing a crime decreases. If you are considering installing CCTV cameras at your business, check out these benefits of adding CCTV cameras to your security system.

Cameras Deter Criminals

Installing CCTV cameras deters a lot of crime, especially if you also post signs about the cameras or place the cameras in obvious spots. If they know that the area is under surveillance, criminals are more likely to find someplace with fewer security measures rather than risk getting caught.

Make sure when installing your CCTV cameras that you place them in a good vantage point with lots of light. Criminals are more likely to wait until it is dark or to find shadowy areas, so include more light fixtures in conjunction with your CCTV camera to deter a greater number of criminals.

Video Evidence Can Be Used a Proof

In a perfect world, the cameras alone would completely stop crime, but that is not always the case. You'll still have to deal with criminals trying to get around your security measures. Luckily, with CCTV cameras, if you have a robbery or break-in, any footage caught by the camera can be used as evidence to press charges against the culprit.

Make a copy of the video evidence quickly because most CCTV cameras don't save the video recordings indefinitely. How long your recordings stick around depends on a few factors, such as how much storage you have, the resolution (higher resolutions take more storage space), the number of cameras, and whether or not the videos are compressed. Frequently check and save your footage in case you need to use it.

Security Guards Provide Extra Monitoring and Protection

Video evidence is great for recovering losses after the crime, but the best course of action is to stop crime before or as it happens. For this reason, you should have qualified, skilled security guards monitoring the CCTV cameras at all times.

Depending on your needs and the level of training, a security guard can take one of many actions. They may go directly to stop the crime, or they may be required to contact the police, who will then apprehend the criminal. In cases such as fire or other disaster, they will also contact the appropriate response team.

CCTV Are an Investment in Your Future

You may be worried about the expense of installing CCTV and getting a security guard; however, it will pay off in the long run. All these added expenses reduce loss and theft, which ultimately saves you money and make it worth the investment.

Besides the merchandise loss and theft, these cameras can save you money in other ways. Having CCTV cameras and a security guard may lower your insurance premiums because you can prove that your business is more secure. If needed, you can also use CCTV cameras to defend your business against frivolous lawsuits, such as a customer claiming a false injury that could be refuted by video evidence.

CCTV cameras alone can provide added security and protection, and if you also hire a security guard to monitor the camera feed, you’ll provide an extra measure of protection for your business.

If you would like to know more about security guards and CCTV cameras, contact Security Services Northwest, Inc., today. With our help you can fully utilize your CCTV system. We provide full-service security services for your business including alarms, cameras, and expertly trained security guards.

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