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3 Effective Construction Site Security Measures You Should Consider

Construction sites are highly susceptible to theft and vandalism, thanks to the expensive machinery, materials, and vehicles on site. In fact, construction site theft reaches $1 billion annually in direct product loss not to mention indirect loss with labor costs in the United States, which significantly reduces contractors' profit margins. Construction sites are both in remote open areas where police patrol isn't available, or highly dense metropolitan cities where police response is not a priority which makes the sites easy targets for thieves.

For this reason, you shouldn't overlook construction site security. Construction site security utilizes CCTV monitoring, security alarms, and security officers to keep your job site safe and avoid the theft of your assets. Below are three construction site security strategies you should consider.

1. Install Adequate Lighting

Mostly, thieves sneak into the construction site in the evening after site workers have left. This is particularly prevalent in poorly lit construction sites since thieves love to carry out their criminal activities in the shadows. With sufficient lighting, thieves and vandals are less likely to sneak into your construction site due to the absence of hiding places.

Utilizing flood lighting should be bright enough to cover all dark areas where thieves may find comfort. You can install lighting at every site entrance and across the perimeter to make it easy to spot any suspicious activity after work hours. Don't forget to place strong, bright lights around materials and expensive machinery to deter thieves.

If energy bills are a concern, install motion-activated lights that startle thieves when they approach your site. Keep in mind that adequate lighting is essential to ensure that images captured by CCTV cameras at the construction site are clear. Also, occasionally inspect your lighting to ensure optimal night visibility. Only install your lighting in inaccessible areas where intruders can't easily disable them.

2. Consider Surveillance

Surveillance cameras are an invaluable security tool as they make the sites secure and deter crime. When the worst happens, the authorities can use camera footage to identify thieves and recoup stolen items.

When properly deployed, surveillance cameras offer broad site coverage to allow you to monitor your site effectively. Moreover, modern surveillance solutions come bolstered with motion lights, infrared night vision, alarm systems, and automated alert systems for easy detection of crime.

For maximum benefit, opt for cameras with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities so you can monitor your site in real-time. Video analytics can help with perimeter detection and areas with inadequate lighting. Better still, some systems boast a talk-down feature that allows you to address criminals before they invade your site.

3. Hire On-Site Security Officers

Armed or unarmed security officers help deal with any criminal activity on your construction site. Security officers are a great deterrent to thieves, and you can have them patrol site entrances and storage areas of high-value assets to complement the surveillance cameras.

The officers also carry out night patrols to ensure the safety of unsupervised equipment and supplies. If you are carrying out a controversial project that's likely to attract protesters, or if the project's location is in a high-crime area, consider armed security personnel for site security as an added deterrence.

Additionally, if your construction project is in an urban setting with many people passing by your job site daily, security officers offer a physical deterrent that deters unauthorized site access. In addition, security officers offer round-the-clock controlled access to your job site and coordinate access control with in and out movement of visitors and vendors.

Property theft will be a past concern when you employ sufficient security on your construction site. If you have an oncoming construction project, reach out to Security Services Northwest, Inc., for all your security needs. We have armed and unarmed security officers and top-tier technology to offer unmatched security to your construction site with proven experience.


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